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Hamilton Plumbing Services

When you're in need of plumbing services, A Rescue Rooter is the answer! We have a highly trained and licensed workforce prepared to tackle residential, commercial or industrial plumbing projects. It's generally best to hire a professional plumber instead of attempting to perform the work by yourself. With our specialized equipment, we can get the job done quickly and correctly. This is our field of expertise, and we know how to work within your plumbing system without harming your fixtures or causing any other unnecessary damage.

You can count on us for high-quality work and 24/7 emergency service. Your project will be completed as quickly as possible so you can get back to your regular routine.

Why You Should Hire Our Hamilton Plumbers?

We've been providing plumbing services for Hamilton and the surrounding area since 1976. Our team is experienced and handles all kinds of plumbing projects. We strive to keep our prices competitive so our services remain affordable to our wide range of clients.

Whether you need to install new pipes, replace a few plumbing fixtures or unclog a completely blocked drain, we're here to help you! We're pleased to offer the following services to our customers:

  • Toilet repair: Do you have a slow-filling toilet, a leaking tank or strange sounds coming from your tub after you flush? You might be in need of toilet repair! If the problem involves your toilet, we can fix it or help you find a new one. 
  • Faucet repair: The most common faucet repair is fixing a leaky fixture, with replacing a broken faucet not too far behind. People often put off fixing a leaky faucet, but remember, your system (and therefore your wallet) is heating all of that unused water. Make sure you call us the moment you hear your faucet start to drip!
  • Pump repairs: We have experience with pumps of all types and sizes for residential, commercial and industrial applications. If your pump needs to be repaired, we can handle it.
  • Excavating: With our expert excavating, your new building will have perfectly placed plumbing! 
  • Sewer location: If your sewer location service isn't performed correctly, you could be in store for some big problems. We're trained and experienced in locating sewer lines on all kinds of properties, from those in the city to rural areas.
  • Installing showers: Ready to turn your bathtub into a shower stall? We install showers of all shapes and sizes. Let us add value and appeal to your bathroom! 
  • Thawing frozen pipes: Water expands as it freezes, so when the temperature plummets, you definitely don't want the water inside your pipes to freeze. Burst pipes cause a huge hassle and have a costly cleanup.
  • Repairing burst pipes: If a pipe bursts before it can be thawed, we'll repair the piping to restore function to your building's plumbing system.
closeup of man repairing pipe under the sink

When you’re looking for plumbing services in Burlington, Hamilton, St. Catharines or surrounding areas, contact the technicians at A Rescue Rooter. Call today to schedule an appointment or to find out more about us.

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