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The top 3 home plumbing emergencies

Even if you have a bit of DIY know-how, a home plumbing emergency can still really catch you off guard. You don't know how to fix it, and you don't know who to call-all you do know is it's a problem that can't be left till tomorrow.

That's why it's smart planning to keep an emergency plumber like A Rescue Rooter on your instant dial list. Our plumbers have seen more than a few frazzled Burlington and Oakville homeowners overwhelmed by clogged drain pipes and plugged toilets.

Here are the three most common plumbing emergencies we see, as well as a few pointers about what to do when they arise.

1. Frozen or burst pipes

This is one emergency you'll want to bring a plumber in for right away. That's because frozen pipes lead to burst pipes. And burst pipes can cause a lot of water damage.

Before we arrive, turn off the main water supply valve inside the house. If you don't know where that is, call us right away so we can guide you to it over the phone. You can also try to shut off the water closer to the problem; shut-off valves are usually located under sinks and behind toilets.

Mop up any excess water and wait for the plumber to arrive.

2. Broken sump pump

You'll need an emergency plumber right away if you're experiencing a lot of rainfall or heavy spring melt runoff. Your sump pump is what keeps the water from flooding your basement; if it breaks down, you need to act fast.

While you're waiting for us, try using a shop vac to keep up with any rising water.

3. Clogged toilet

Turn off the toilet's water supply valve, located behind the pedestal, so nobody else can come along and make the problem worse. If the plugged toilet can't be resolved with a plunger, you may have a blocked pipe.

While you're waiting for your emergency plumber to clear the pipes, direct family traffic to another bathroom or set up a bucket for toilet emergencies.

We can resolve your plumbing emergencies

We treat all our plumbing jobs as emergencies without charging emergency fees. Whether it's a clogged drain or lateral, or plumbing renovations and installation or for fixing those burst pipes, contact us for all your plumbing needs. Our plumbing operations are based in the following locations:

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