woman using a plunger on kitchen sink

9 Quick tips to keep your plumbing working like a dream

If there were ways to keep sinks draining, toilets flushing and shower pressure optimized, wouldn't you want to know about it? And if all it took was minimal effort at a marginal cost, wouldn't it be outright scandalous not to know? A Rescue Rooter wants to help.

Our plumbers in Oakville, Burlington and throughout Southern Ontario want you to avoid plumbing woes by doing these nine easy-peasy things.

  1. Know the location of your shut-off valve. Not every plumbing emergency can be prevented. You'll stave off damages to your home by being able to cut off the water supply should circumstances dictate.
  2. Only flush toilet paper in your toilet. Avoid putting in any other paper products (tissue, paper towels, etc.), feminine hygiene products, condoms, kitty litter, or wipes. Any of these items can cause serious clogs.
  3. Use a sink strainer in the kitchen. This prevents bits of food from clogging up the pipes.
  4. Don't throw fats or oils down the drain. These can accumulate and harden inside pipes. Dispose of oils and fats in plastic or glass containers and once they're full, throw them in the garbage.
  5. Be selective about what you throw in your garbage disposal unit. Avoid tossing in starches, coffee grounds, fibrous produce or any non-food items. Any of these can cause major clogs.
  6. Descale your showerhead to maintain adequate water pressure. Put a plastic baggy filled with vinegar around the showerhead so that it's submerged in the solution, using a rubber band to secure it in place. Let it sit overnight and remove in the morning. Repeat if necessary.
  7. Use a strainer in your shower, especially if you have long hair. This will prevent clogging.
  8. Remove hoses and close outdoor taps before the first frost. This can prevent water line leaks or breaks from occurring.
  9. Get a plumbing inspection. Any problems that are brewing beneath the surface can be pinpointed and resolved before they become a major hassle.

Should things go awry

All plumbing has a finite lifespan. You can take every possible measure to keep things running smoothly, but at some point, systems will start to deteriorate. When your plumbing begins to go, our plumbers in Oakville, Burlington and elsewhere in Ontario will be there. We offer 24/7 emergency service throughout the year. We've been around for 30 years, providing folk like you with efficient, reliable and affordable plumbing for homes and businesses. Keep our number handy and contact us with all your plumbing needs.

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